Out town is located in the zone of A category, in the bank of DundGol with fresh air and 2.9 km far from the center of the city. Currently there started-up 1880 household apartments in the town. Also had planned and developing to build totally 3000 household apartment.

The end of Narniiguur or Sunny Bridge which was built in 2012 is far from 15 meters in the left side of “Аltai town” provides the prosperity to the residents and it becomes the good advantages.There are several manufacturing and service centers running their activities and servicing to the residents in our town.

Давуу тал

  • Fence with 24-hours security
  • Camera system
  • Fitness club
  • We are offering to the residents the plumbing equipment with latest European standard, Korean lift with 24-hours high capacity, with ISO9001 standard vacuum windows, durable pressed parquet floors, the latest wall paper without negative impact on the human body and possibility to choose color of the tile and parquet floor. Most importantly, our campus building complex has possibility to obtain the bank loans.
  • Playground
  • Convenient surrounding to the elders
  • Fire alarm system
  • Location in the area of A category with fresh air without the smoke
  • Earthquake-resistant in 8 ball with cast steel frames
  • There is a fence around the town, and there is working security service with its own about 100 employees in order to seek providing the security environment. There is possibility to control the town fully, installed the complex camera system in the apartments and parking lot providing the safety.
  • Every household has the telephone, cable and high-speed Internet, posted domofon system



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